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Shandong Finance and Health Group, is a joint venture established with the joint investment of Shandong Finance Investment Group, a key state-owned enterprise, and Mei Yi Investment and Property. The registered capital is 200 million yuan, and it is a secondary company managed by Shandong Finance Investment Group. Shandong Finance Investment Group is a key financial enterprise and a functional state-owned capital investment and operation company, reorganized from the original Provincial Economic Development Investment Corporation with the approval of the provincial government. The group is directly authorized by the Provincial Department of Finance to fulfill the responsibilities of the state-owned financial capital contributor.

In recent years, the Finance and Investment Group has earnestly implemented the intentions and decisions of the provincial party committee and government for regulation, adhering to the "dual-wheel drive" strategy of policy-based and market-oriented investments. It focuses on the three main businesses of "fund investment management, financing services, and investment operation and asset management," continuously expanding investment scale, improving investment quality, and actively supporting the province's transformation of old and new development drivers and the high-quality development of the economy and society.

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Affiliated with Shandong Finance and Health Group, Nuolai International Medical Center partners with leading hospitals like Beijing 301 Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Qilu Hospital, harnessing advanced scientific research, a strong team of experts, and cutting-edge medical equipment. It primarily focuses on regenerative medicine research and clinical applications, providing screening, evaluation and treatment for cardiovascular diseases, digestive system tumors and cerebral palsy.
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