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【A Medical Aid】A Letter of Gratitude


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    【A Medical Aid】A Letter of Gratitude



    "At the brink of despair for both our families, it was you who gave us new hope. We are grateful for providing our child with more possibilities. Thanks to the outstanding medical skills and meticulous postoperative care at Nuolai Hospital, our child has greatly improved after surgery. You saved two families, and all these hard-won changes couldn't have happened without your help. Here, we express our gratitude to all the staff members of the Nuolai Medical Brain Disease Public Welfare Relief Center..." This heartfelt expression comes from a letter of gratitude from a parent of the patient.

    Xuanxuan and Chenchen, both living in Zibo City, came to Nuolai Hospital for treatment together. Both children suffered from epilepsy and intellectual disabilities due to birth complications and lack of oxygen during childbirth. Over the years, the parents of these two children sought medical help far and wide. During this process, they had the fortune of meeting each other, and the two families supported and encouraged each other along the way.


    "When Chenchen was 3 years old, I noticed her hyperactivity. After she started primary school, her hyperactivity began to affect the teacher's normal teaching. Not only that, when she was 10 years old, Chenchen started having severe epileptic seizures. Over the years, I have been taking her to various doctors and tried many medications, but none of them had any effect. Instead, her condition worsened, and it even affected her language abilities," Chenchen's mother recalled with a troubled expression on her face, reflecting on over a decade of seeking medical help.

    "Regarding robotic stereotactic neurosurgery, I was initially skeptical. However, I heard that there were children from our local area who had undergone this surgery and saw real improvement afterwards. So, I decided to come with Xuanxuan's family. Even if there's a glimmer of hope, I want to give it a try for my child," she added with determination.


    "Xuanxuan started walking later than other children when he was young, and at the age of 6, he began to have frequent epileptic seizures, which significantly impacted his intelligence. My father and I took him to various doctors, and he was prescribed medication, but whenever we stopped the medication, the seizures would return. Over the years, I haven't had a peaceful night's sleep. Xuanxuan often has seizures in the middle of the night, and every evening, I stay by his side, fearing that he might hurt himself during a seizure," Xuanxuan's grandmother said, her face filled with heartache as she looked at her grandson.


    In November 2023, Professor Tian Zengmin's team successfully performed the surgical treatment for Xuanxuan and Chenchen. On the third day after the surgery, "Xuanxuan hasn't had a seizure since the operation. These past two nights were the most peaceful nights I've had in over a decade," Xuanxuan's grandmother excitedly shared her joy with the staff. "Since the surgery, I feel like Chenchen has suddenly become more sensible. Her understanding has improved, and her reactions are better than before," Chenchen's mother said, looking at her daughter with a relieved smile.


    A commemorative plaque, a story, a letter of gratitude. What they convey is not only the gratitude of the patients' families towards the medical staff but also their affirmation of Professor Tian Zengmin's team and Nuolai’s "New Hope" project. It represents their recognition of Nuolai’s medical technology and service level.

    Since 2019, Shandong Finance and Health Group, in collaboration with the China Health Promotion Foundation and the Shandong Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, has launched the "Sharing Sunshine - Caring for Disabled Children" assistance project and the "New Hope" national cerebral palsy children's public welfare project. As of now, these public welfare projects have provided medical services to more than 20,000 children, successfully treated over 1,300 children with cerebral palsy, and covered 11 provinces and municipalities, including Xinjiang, Tibet, and Chongqing.

    The public welfare assistance for children with cerebral palsy is a great cause of the present era and benefits future generations. Shandong Finance and Health Group actively engages in public welfare activities for disabled individuals, demonstrating the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. The Group will continue to explore new models of public welfare assistance, continuously promote the high-quality development of the social security industry, bring more light to people, and enable more people to become lights themselves.