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Orthopedic Department

Our Orthopedic Department is a specialized unit dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The department is staffed with skilled orthopedic physicians who possess extensive clinical experience. They excel in addressing various musculoskeletal issues, including knee joint injuries, arthritis, hip joint injuries, and more. Additionally, our department is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, including advanced X-ray, CT scanning, and MRI equipment, enabling comprehensive assessments of patients' musculoskeletal conditions.

The Orthopedic Department focuses primarily on diagnosing and treating joint injuries, with key clinical tasks and research directions including rehabilitation studies related to knee joints, hip joints, shoulder joints, wrist joints, osteoporosis, and more. The department has undertaken extensive rehabilitation and research efforts, holding a leading position nationally in this field.

Patients, when choosing orthopedic treatment, formulate personalized treatment plans under the guidance of physicians. Our Orthopedic team is dedicated to providing comprehensive, professional, and safe medical services to enhance patients' recovery and quality of life. The department's goal is to help patients restore the functionality of the musculoskeletal system and improve their quality of life through a comprehensive medical approach. During treatment, the Orthopedic team collaborates with rehabilitation medicine experts, physical therapists, and others to achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes.