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Regenerative Medicine Departme12ed

Regenerative Medicine Department

Nuolai Medical Regenerative Medicine Center has obtained multiple operational qualifications, including the "Regional Cell Preparation Center" approval jointly issued by the Tai'an Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Bureau, and the Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, it has gained approval as a secondary hospital and a third-party medical testing laboratory from the Tai'an Municipal Health Commission. The center has established the Shandong Academician Expert Workstation, Shandong University Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, and the Clinical Research Transformation Center for Stem Cells at Qilu Hospital, Shandong University. These comprehensive qualifications and procedures ensure the compliance and authority of NuoLai Medical in delivering medical services.

The center has established a stem cell preparation laboratory that meets the national Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Through independent research and development by the scientific research team, it can conduct research, production, preparation, and clinical transformation in the field of regenerative medicine involving stem cells and immune cells. This capability enables the provision of personalized clinical research and experiments for clients. Specifically, it has achieved an international advanced level in research technologies concerning diabetes, brain and nerve tissue damage, pulmonary fibrosis, humanized biological artificial liver, and other fields.