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Nucleus destruction therapy


Nucleus destruction therapy

NuoLai Medical's Functional Neurosurgery Center has meticulously established an international standard Class-100 purification operating room. It has introduced internationally renowned equipment brands like Siemens, GE, and others. Professor Tian Zengmin, a prominent figure in domestic stereotactic surgery, and his team utilize the Remebot Neurosurgical Robot to assist in minimally invasive, precise, efficient, and safe frameless stereotactic surgeries.

    The Remebot assists clinical doctors in minimally invasive, precise, efficient, and safe completion of various neurosurgical procedures. Doctors can use medical imaging scans, three-dimensional visualization, multimodal image fusion, and precise planning of puncture paths to avoid trauma caused by traditional craniotomy surgery. The positioning accuracy reaches 0.5 millimeters, with minimal incisions of 2-3 millimeters, the entire surgery only requires 30 minutes, and patients can be discharged after 2-3 days of postoperative observation, with significant improvements in postoperative conditions.


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